Art to me begins with listening to music, feeling a groove and providing the sensation of becoming untethered. Then as I pick up my tools, I am inspired to start with big, bold moves and broad strokes - similar to my usual choice of song. There’s this concept called ‘synesthesia,’ where when people listen to music, colors go off in their head, it is a sensory thing. So, to me, on the canvas all of the sounds and colors come together to create my pieces.
— Spencer Rogers

 Ways of Working

abstract#_ 84x84 2018.jpg

Original Works

Spencer Rogers creates his original works by using mostly oil based paints on large canvases while listening to very loud music. That music then becomes the influence on his approach to the canvas. Often, he will set up several canvases and work on them simultaneously. He will move between paintings as inspiration peaks and as the layers dry which then also allow him time to step back from each piece to determine whether or not it is complete.

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Modern Abstractions

In addition to his original paintings, Spencer has effectively combined painting with photography to create a series entitled "Modern Abstractions". He zeros in on small sections of his large paintings, focusing on specific texture/color combinations. Then with a highly sophisticated macro camera, he perfectly captures those finest details in sharp clarity. The system generates a large digital file which allow for large reproductions without losing quality. The file is also then able to be printed on various materials such as acrylic, metal, glass and fine art papers as either art originals of their own and/or they have great potential for many commercial applications.

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Fireplace Temporary 12.3.jpg

Commercial Applications

The unique opportunity that has been born out of Spencer's creation of the Modern Abstractions is that we are able to expand his painting style into the printing world, providing even more options for the design industry. Through research and exploration, we are developing multiple products which take our original art into several directions, such as an extended art series for commercial development to permanent installations such as the fireplace front, seen in the photograph above, to the printing of our images on fabrics, wall paper and a multitude of individual products. Please contact us regarding any projects for commercial use. Please browse our Product Section in our Shop to view these products.

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