Dillon DeJesus founded DeJesus Custom Footwear which produces airbrushed sneakers. While we was studying art, he had the brilliant idea of blending his creative skills with his love of sneakers to create wearable art which combines beauty and function. He and Spencer met when they were both embarking on their own creative adventures here in Chicago. Working close by each other gave them the opportunity to truly appreciate each other's creatives styles and proximity to bounce ideas off each other. Eventually an idea was born and they decided to collaborate on this exhibit, which was a show that celebrated two distinct and different art forms that complimented each other through the vast network of colors presented in both artists’ work. May to June 2017.



Joey Lala and Spencer have been lifelong friends. They are both artists which develop their unique crafts from a strong musical foundation. On this installation, they partnered together to show their work side by side pointing to the way a common source can lead two people down entirely different paths. Lala’s use of figures to distort reality viewed beside Spencer’s undrawn celebrations of color created an exhibit that bridged the two artists works, showing both contrast and collaboration. May to June 2016.



Soundwall is a company that produces luxury art speakers. They have perfected how to combine the art with their sound technology. “The surface is a rich, vibrant dye sublimation aluminum panel” in which the entire surface resonates sound. Spencer Rogers Fine Art was invited to exhibit in their Chelsea, NY gallery as one if the artists working with Soundwall. A perfect compliment to each other given that music is the inspiration behind Spencer’s original painting. March 2015.



Elephant Room is a Chicago based arts organization which works with primarily local artists that work across all mediums. Their goal is to serve as an artist resource in addition to making  contributions to boost the thriving Chicago area arts environment. Their gallery is located in South Loop area, although they additionally prefer to exhibit artists in their own space which is where Spencer teamed up with them for this exhibit titled, “Abstractions”. June 2014.



Spencer and his wife Dana collaborated on a joint venture that took them both out of their typical working mediums when they produced this Underwater Fashion Photography shoot. Dana who is an accomplished and brilliant professional photographer, also perfectly styled the shoot to best take advantage of the weightless atmosphere. Together they endeavored to create a series of ethereal, spiritual and stunning images that tell a story of losing oneself in dreams. Being free from the everyday burden of gravity comes at the cost of breath. However in dreams, this law can be broken, embraced, and celebrated. Freedom exists in the vastness of the unconscious mind and the calm acceptance of existing inside a dream is freedom, peace, and serenity.